[ETUDE HOUSE] Colour My Brows 4.5g
[ETUDE HOUSE] Colour My Brows 4.5g
[ETUDE HOUSE] Colour My Brows 4.5g
[ETUDE HOUSE] Colour My Brows 4.5g
[ETUDE HOUSE] Colour My Brows 4.5g
[ETUDE HOUSE] Colour My Brows 4.5g

[ETUDE HOUSE] Colour My Brows 4.5g

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Colour My Brows

4.5g (5 Colours)


Brush-on mascara grooms, sets and tints brows with a few swipes. Rich brown shade subtly lightens brows, creating a brighter appearance that softens your features and brings all the attention on your eyes. Light, non-sticky and flake-free formula keeps brows perfectly groomed and conditioned all day and night long.

A mascara only for eyebrow to keep its layer neat and give natural but urbane colors.

Fast drying and long lasting. No clumping, even when reapplied.

What it does

  • Hide dark & black brow: Providing natural and clear brow colors by hiding its own dark color.
  • Easy & Quick brow coloring: Quickly dried to make brow layer and color fixed even while re-applying.
  • Brow care: Inhalant, Beeswax, Barnaul wax provide nutrition and moisture on skin and brow.


#1 Rich Brown: For dark hair such as black or dark brown
#2 Light Brown: For bright hair such as blondie light brown
#3 Red Brown: For red-ish hair such as wine, red brown
#4 Natural Brown: For bright hair such as natural brown
#5 Blondie Brown: For very bright hair such as gold, blondie brown

How to apply

  • Lightly touch eyebrow in the opposite direction of eyebrow to layer color.
  • Comb towards eyebrow layer to make them neat. Make brow head's layer to stand.

Beauty Tip

In case of lack of eyebrow hair, use eyebrow pencil to make eyebrow line first and use Color My Brow: It makes naturally clear eyebrow.

How To Use

Gently apply colour from the tip to the beginning of the brow, stopping 1cm before it reaches the end.

Comb your brow following its natural growth. Make the strands  in the front half straight upright. *Tips: Trim your brow before using.


1. Use only as directed.
2. Avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Cease use if problems arise.