[HEBORA] Collagen Enrich Damask Rose 28 packs x 15ml
[HEBORA] Collagen Enrich Damask Rose 28 packs x 15ml
[HEBORA] Collagen Enrich Damask Rose 28 packs x 15ml

[HEBORA] Collagen Enrich Damask Rose 28 packs x 15ml

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Collagen Enrich Damask Rose

28 packs x 15ml

Anti-aging, Detox, Hydrating, Moisturising 

Hebora Collagen Enrich Drink is a complete beauty product range hailing from Japan, packed with high-quality ingredients and 160,000mg of Collagen peptide extract. 

This product line is enriched with natural essences like Detox Enzyme, Hatomugi Extract, Damask Rose Petal, Yoshino Cherry, and more...

With regular use for only 2-4 weeks, Hebora Collagen Enrich Drink can effectively reverse aging and revive youthful, glowing skin.

Best for females aged 20-50 years old

Individuals who desire healthy and bright white skin and want to combat issues like melasma, dark spots, freckles caused by age or a polluted environment.

Individuals who desire to supplement Collagen and Elastin regularly.

Individuals with hormonal imbalances or female physiological problems.

Individuals who want to maintain a seductive scent on their body.

Individuals with allergies to artificial fragrances or sensitive skin to skincare products.



  • 160,000 mg COLLAGEN PEPTIDE from the skin and fins of deep-sea Pacific fish, and have been shown to have the closest structure to human collagen, allowing for 1.5 times the absorption rate of collagen from other animals
  • Damask Rose Extract: Roses have a seductive scent that is 3 times more fragrant than other types. At the same time, it also has the ability to keep the scent for the longest time
  • 112 Fermented Vegetables (Enzyme): Brightens skin, reduces dark spots, and increases moisture and elasticity of the skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid: promotes skin hydration **Elastin: Minimize wrinkles and sagging skin, slow aging
  • Japanese yeast extract: enhance elastin and collagen production ** Yoshino Cherry Blossom Extract: Abundant nutrient content brings special whitening, moisturising and anti-aging capabilities


    • Anti-aging properties
    • Supports wound healing and joint regeneration
    • Increases protein content in the body
    • Strengthens antibacterial properties and boosts immunity of skin and body


    Other Ingredients and Benefits:

    • Collagen peptides from fish: Anti-aging, softening, increasing skin elasticity many times compared to conventional collagen lines. Wound healing, healing and regeneration of joints. Strengthen antibacterial, improve the body’s immune system and skin. Reduce melanin, support to brighten skin pink. Strengthen nail care, strong hair.
    • Vitamin C and B vitamins: Ensure the best skin care process, help whiten skin, fade dark spots, better anti-aging. Stimulates hair and nail growth. Provides energy to the body. Support cardiovascular, improve memory.
    • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): Found in the articular junction, between the nerves. It is a gel-like molecule with good water-holding capacity, which functions as a buffer and fills the spaces between cells.
    • The molecule of HA in Hebora Collagen Enrich Damask Rose Water can increase its weight up to 1000 times when mixed with the water environment of the skin. Helps to moisturize, moisturize the skin, smooth wrinkles and anti-aging.
    • Elastin: Connecting cells gives skin elasticity. Minimize wrinkles and sagging skin.
    • Yoshino Cherry Blossom: High scent retention. Abundant nutrient content brings special whitening, moisturizing and anti-aging capabilities.
    • Damask Rose: Roses have a seductive scent that is 3 times more fragrant than other types. At the same time, it also has the ability to keep the scent for the longest time.
    • Contains a variety of safe vitamins B, D, E, K, C. A, helping to fight and reverse skin aging strongly. Protects skin from harmful UV rays and external environment.
    • Hatomugi County: Another name is Coix of the family Poaceae (rice grass) used by the Japanese since the 8th century and is extremely popular today.
    • Abundant in essential fatty acids, vitamins B, E help fight inflammation, soften, moisturize and reduce the formation of wrinkles and spots. Nourishes and whitens the skin and prevents dryness.
    • Starfruit leaf extract: Meticulously refined, separating and filtering the most quintessential things to maximize the effectiveness of purification and detoxification of the body. Especially effective in treating allergies, rashes, irritations and pimples.
    • Fermented Vegetables (Enzyme): Brighten the skin, reduce dark spots, increase moisture and elasticity of the skin. Boosts collagen and elastin production. Detoxifies the skin to help prevent acne. Prevent and control skin disease caused by toxins in the body. Regulate female endocrine.



    • Drink 1 pack per day (25 minutes after meals or 60 minutes before bed time)
    • Continue the course for a minimum of 3 months (3 boxes).
    • Store in cool place, no direct sunlight & below 27 degrees.
    • It is recommended to use continuously at least 3 boxes in 1 year. 



    *Not suitable for children, pregnant women, or lactating women under 6 months.

    *Patients undergoing medical treatment should consult a doctor before use.