[NEOGANI] Rice Bran Mist 100ml (50% OFF)
[NEOGANI] Rice Bran Mist 100ml (50% OFF)

[NEOGANI] Rice Bran Mist 100ml (50% OFF)

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Rice Bran Mist

This Rice Bran Mist add moisture to the tired skin anytime, anywhere to form a moisture film to keep the skin moist and refreshing. Contains plenty of rice bran extract to brighten skin tone and revitalize tiredness. 

  • Natural Ingredients
  • No Paraban
  • No Animal Components
  • Non - Pigmented & Alcohol
  • No Animal Testing

Soothing and calming to the exhausted skin

The rice bran spray lotion contains various nutritional ingredients such as rice bran extract protein, essential amino acids and vitamin A, as well as unstimulated whitening effects for cosmetic-sensitive users. 

Protects skin all year round
Easily damaging the skin during outdoor activities exposed to UV rays Rich in polyphenols and tocopherols, rice bran helps protect the skin against oxidation, removes harmful reactive oxygen species and helps prevent cells Aging and cell damage. 

How To Use

  • Close your eyes,  hold the spray 20cm away from the face.
  • Once sprayed the mist lotion onto the skin, gently pat the skin to absorb.

Rice bran - whitening, to improve the pores. 

Bozi Ren - prevent skin aging, regulate sebum. 

Almond oil - improves wrinkles, increases skin elasticity and anti-oxidation.