[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags
[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags
[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags
[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags
[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags
[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags
[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags
[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags
[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags
[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags

[ORIHIRO] Night Diet Tea 20 Tea Bags

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Night Diet Tea
2g x 20 Tea Bags 

There are lots of weight loss beverages available out there in the market, but are they the best? It is very important for you to have a sip of this unique natural supplement every night for increased body metabolic activities, weight loss, with anti-aging effects and reduced appetite!

Based on roy boss of beauty material, it is easy to drink diet with rose hip.

Combustion material, slim material, clean material blended. We support feminine body creation.

It is a non-caffeined tea blended with relaxing chamomile and glycine, so you can use it safely even before your break.

It is a triangular tea bag where tea often appears.

What is Orihiro Night Diet Tea?

ORIHIRO Night Diet Tea has to keep scores of men and women from different parts of the world slim. A recent study has documented dieters’ testimonies of the weight losing benefits of this natural product have indeed worked. In addition, the study found that having a sip of this natural supplement strengthens the immune system, sheds unwanted fats, gives the skin an astonishing and aesthetically look, burns body fat while the individual is asleep and does not lead to any form of stomach cramp amongst others.

Interestingly, discoveries have shown that this natural weight loss supplements like this burns more calories 2.5 times than just taking any other type of night weight loss supplement.

The supplement contains candle bush generally known as Acapulco leaves that contain chrysophanic – a fungicide usually for the treatment of different fungi infections like eczema, ringworms etcetera. It is also used in the treatment of intestinal parasites and bronchitis and asthma. Because of its anti-fungi qualities, is has been included in the production of this unique natural supplement. People who sip this supplement daily have lesser or no cases of fungi infection whether internal or external.

Ginger as a vasodilator helps in the increase of the diameter of small arteries and stimulates blood circulation. A resultant increases in blood circulation and flow leads to an increase in the temperature of the body. This is referred to as thermogenic effect. All in all, this reaction enhances metabolism with a consequent burn in the level of the body calories.

How does Orihiro Night Diet Tea work?

This unique and well known night diet tea has been proven to be very effective. This natural product is however based and use to the principle of amino acid chain theory to burn the body fat of an individual while he or she is asleep.

The inclusion of tandem 2-potassium channels to the occupying potassium membrane conductivity filled with their being sensitive to some anaesthetics indicates that they have immense roles to play in the effects of anaesthetics to the phenomenon responsible for the sleep-wake alternation. Halogenated volatile anaesthetics like isoflurane and halothane create the way for different K2P channels. This, however, leads to the alternation of behavioral reaction immediately after anaesthetics rates as decrease in locomotion, loss of limb behavior and loss of righting reflex. This, however, might be due to different reasons. Firstly, the K2P are the main target of anaesthetics and the medium are further forward on DNA molecule of anaesthetics targets and secondly, the absence of the channels in the development influence neuronal circulation leading to a low response to anaesthetics. In respect of the recruitment of anaesthetics targets, different K2P channels are altered by G-protein-attached receptors for acetylcholine, histamine, and noradrenaline amongst others that stimulate the channels to focus on some of the effects of the different neurotransmitters throughout the sleep-wake cycle. Summarily, TREK-1, TASK-1, and TASK-3 at the same time are also co-expressed in the intralaminar and reticular nuclei, and their recruitment is very important to the sleep-wake transitions.

Why use Orihiro Night Diet Tea?

Apart from its weight loss ability, this natural product also contains antioxidants that boost up the metabolic rate of the body. A high rate of the metabolism of the body brings about the rapid burning of fat which consequently leads to a quicker rate of weight loss. Again, it improves the supply of energy to the body, thus giving one a more active and vibrant life. Toxins built up in the body makes one feel bloated. This natural supplement helps to eliminate these toxins from the body.

Individuals who take this natural product feel better compared to those who do not. Having a sip of this unique product is extremely beneficial to those people with problems of cholesterol and high blood pressure. In addition, it improves the condition and whitens the skin and also helps to combat cavities.

Its ginger content enhances the production of bile and may serve as stimulants for the increased production of gastric juices, leading to a considerable enhancement of digestion and the availability of energy for burning. Again, Ginger also has anti-inflammatory and cholesterol lowering ability. Individuals who have a daily intake of this natural product have reduced and lesser cases of stomach upset reduced digestion and constipation amongst others.

How To Use

For a considerable and significant result to be achieved in the quest for weight loss, increased body metabolism flushing out of accumulated toxins in the kidney, bright and shiny skin. It is highly recommended that you have a daily sip of this amazing natural weight loss supplement before going to bed each night.

  • Place 1 teabag into a cup of 200-250ml of boiling water and enjoy after 2-3 minutes.
  • Please adjust the amount of hot water and steaming time according to your preference.
  • After extracting, if you put the tea bag as it is, bitterness may come out so please be sure to take the tea bag out with a spoon.


Rooibos, Candlebush, Tsuen tea, ginger root, chamomile, golden ginger root, citrulline, ornithine, glycine, arginine, lysine.