[RMON] White Label Dia Whitening Cream 200ml
[RMON] White Label Dia Whitening Cream 200ml
[RMON] White Label Dia Whitening Cream 200ml

[RMON] White Label Dia Whitening Cream 200ml

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White Label Dia Whitening Cream



RMON's White Lablel Dia Whitening Cream is getting a lot of attention lately in Korea. Most body creams do only body whitening, but Rmon does wrinkly improving as well thanks to the use of Adenosine.

Formulated with the ULTIMATE ingredients include:
- Adenosine is the latest ingredients in skincare to combat wrinkle and smoothing of skin. Together with Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 which is found in serums and moisturisers for face, RMON body whitening cream is able to give you the dual benefits of whitening and wrinkle control.
- Glutathione: inhibits free cells and melanin production
- Distilled Rose Water: Gives a mild pink colour and a mild, seductive scent, without aromas
- Fermented soybeans, white willow bark provide BHA for skin, anti-aging, cypress leaves treat pore problems
- There are also licorice extracts, seaweed to help moisturize the skin, yeast to help whiten and stimulate skin metabolism.
This is a complex cream line with all the outstanding advantages of body lotion
- The cream is absorbent after 3 seconds, does not show any creamy texture with micro-tech nanotechnology
- Having the ability to make up body after applying it, no one knows that you are using Whitening cream
- Especially not washed away when in contact with water, safe for both pregnant and postpartum mothers

How to use:
Use it on your neck, elbows, ankles, or legs. RMON whitening cream with its nanotech penetrates deep into the skin in 3 seconds.



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