[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g
[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g

[SHISEIDO] Spots Cover Foundation 20g

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Spots Cover Foundation
A cream-based concealer for full blemish coverage
Covers up dark circles, blemishes, freckles, and scars.
Soft texture leaves a natural-looking finish.
Long-lasting formula won’t budge, melt, or disappear, even when you sweat!
The SpotsCover Foundation comes in a small plastic jar about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and contains 20 g of product.

There are 14 shades available to suit light to medium skin tones.
The 3 Series: 
  • S series - softer medium to full coverage shades (natural coverage), used as "base" colours and suitable to use over larger areas or the entire face.
  • H series - harder and more opaque, suitable for use spot-concealing over acne, scars, broken capillaries (heavy duty spot treatment)
  • C series - same consistency as the S series, but for colour correction purposes.

The S & H lines have the same shade ranges - S100 & H100 are the same colour, for example.
S100/H100 - the lightest base colours, light-medium beige, around MAC shade NC20-30
S101/H101 - medium beige
S102/H102 - medium-deep beige
S300/H300 - as light as the S100/H100 shade, but with pink undertones
C1 - Opaque ivory/off-white
C2 - Opaque,bright pale yellow

  • Excellent coverage (the very purpose of concealer)
  • Thick and creamy  (not drying) texture best for facial acne, blemishes, scars
  • Semi-matte finish 
  • Super long-lasting
  • 20g can be used for a long long time (a little goes a long way)
  • Super affordable

How To Use

Apply using a concealer brush and set it with a clear setting powder.

RSG5066 (5 star review)
  • Skin Type Combination
  • Skin Tone Fair/Neutral
  • Age 29
So here's where this concealer loses points for affordability. I am unable to get away with just using the s100 shade as it's far too dark, so I have to mix it with C1 to get a colour that matches my skin tone. I also use C2 for my undereye circles. It also is only sold in Japan so I have to import it, which can be costly. However, it has fantastic coverage and once set with powder, doesn't budge on my oily skin even in summer.At the end of 13-hour shifts at work it's still in place. I've also never found that it caused breakouts or worsened any underlying acne. So while it's less than ideal that I have to buy several shades to mix to fit my skin tone, the results are that good that I think it's worth the money. Each 20g pot lasts me around 2-3 years with daily use. 

If they ever stop making this I will be seriously lost!
Dana (5 star review)
  • Skin Type Oily
  • Skin Tone Fair

A little goes a long way

One of two concealers I've settled with! And I don't think I'll be making the switch anytime soon. This product has never broken me out or caused acne to get worse. I only have to use a little of the product to cover up pimples and eye bags, and it blends easily with both brushes and sponges. I blend the S100 and S101 when I use it to cover up eye bags for a more natural look (the S100 on its own looks too unnaturally light for this area of my face), but use the S100 for the rest of my face and neck.


Jackie (5 star review)
  • Skin Type Combination
  • Skin Tone Fair
  • Age 22

Love this! 

During a trip, I left some of my makeup at home and borrowed this from my mom. Honestly, this works magic for me! Even my mom noticed that it's better than my usual foundation since it really makes my skin look flawless. It manages to hide even bad pimples and whatever blemish I have on my face. It can be a bit heavy though, so I try to use only a thin layer. Overall it lasts a long time so it's worth the price!


Tata (5 star review)
  • Skin Type Combination
  • Skin Tone Fair
  • Age 27

Best concealer for super dark spot

I knew of this foundation from a recommendation by Pony (a popular Korean YouTube makeup artist). She recommends to use this as concealer instead and I've been using mine for the longest time. It's my go-to concealer for bad breakouts, it is a bit heavy, but if you apply it in thin layers, it's the most opaque concealer you can find. One pot will last you a very long time, I just wish it came in more shades so more people can enjoy using it.


YZYA (4.5 star review)

  • Skin Type Acne Prone
  • Skin Tone Fair/Medium
  • Age 19

I'm in love!! I guess the perfect concealer is just something every girl seeks whether its for redness, pimples, scarring or dark circles. And this little pot of magic does it all! I first got introduced to this by Ponny (korean makeup artist, check out her makeup tutorials on youtube!). She pretty much uses this stuff to cover up anything in every single one of her tutorial. 

So the pros: 
-very creamy and pigmented concealer (it's called a foundation but works better as a concealer) . 
-dot it on your pimple and blend the edges, you will not see zero redness it's so opaque it could easily hide any tattoos 
-looks very natural so you only need to blend the edges, not the actual part you want to cover up 
-the color somehow works out for blue dark circles and red pimples
-seems dark in the pot but S100 matches my NC15-20 skin perfectly (I mostly use this for pimple which needs a tad darker but not noticeable shade to diminish the bump so its toward a NC20)
-does not crease under the eyes or make my skin/pimple flaky and dry
-photographs well and does not have the white cast
-does not break me out

-the packaging is compact and travel-friendly but not the most hygienic since its the whole thing in a pot so you will have to dip and re-dip your brush (not ur fingers please) inside
-since its ultra creamy, needs a little help from blotting or good setting powder on top or it will come off as a little greasy, which is not appealing on bumps and could easily smear off.

So have a good quality setting powder on hand, carry blotting papers with you on the go and you have the perfect concealer!